DECOMPRESSION SOFTWARE FOR THE DIVING WORLD GAP-Software, the source for decompression and table generation software. If you are a recreational diver or an advanced technical diver, GAP-software has the decompression software for you. Models including RGBM, Buhlmann with gradient factors, M11F6 are available. Platforms are either Windows or Pocket PC. Of course closed circuit and open circuit is supported as well as metric and imperial units and many more features

Thursday, October 05, 2006

GAP Decompression Software

Kees Hofwegen, born in Holland and still living there today with his beautiful wife Bianca is both the owner and creator of GAP. (Gas absorption Program)
Gap was founded in 2003 and has become one the essential tools for your dive planning. Kees (which is pronounced as "Case") has a Bachelor of Electronic Design and a Master Degree in Micro Processor Design. At the time he created GAP he had been working for over 13 years in a research lab. His passion for diving since 1989 is what led him to be so fascinated in the decompression tables and their functions. Doing all sorts of research on decompression became his hobby and his mania His experience and knowledge in diving, and decompression is what entice him to develop GAP.

GAP-Software's software isn't quite like anything else on the market. It's designed for people who care enough about their diving. Proven track record and reliability is a must in the diving world as recognized by diving organizations such as ANDI-International and NAUI worldwide. Gap Dive Planners have complete dive planning information, Dive Table generation, printable detailed reports, a proven track record and user friendly format. It supports recreational and trimix diving applications with open-circuit or constant PO2 closed circuit rebreather system options.

It is available in four versions:
Mixed gas
Mixed gas-rebreather